Bear Helps Me Rake – NOT!

To Rake or Not to Rake? – That is the Question

Well, what else is there to do on a beautiful fall day, besides rake leave? Bear has his idea of making a game out of it. This is how it’s played:

  • Ma picks up the rake. Rake, rake, rake, rake, scoops leaves into the bag.
  • Ma; rake, rake, rake, rake, scoops leaves into the bag.
  • Ma pushes leaves down into the bag.
  • Ma; rake, rake, rake.
  • Bear runs over to Ma with shark toy.












  • Ma drops rake and throws toy shark for Bear.
  • Bear brings toy shark back to Ma.
  • Ma repeats throwing toy 2-4 times.
  • Whole process starts over. Ma; rake, rake, rake…….

Ma stops to take  pictures of how Bear is interrupting her.






Then Bear find a new toy to play with.






Bear gives Ma a break, but he keeps his eyes on on his toys . . . just in case she picks one up.

When the Job is Done

When “we” were done, Bear sat proudly in front of the bags to show our accomplishment. So, there’s only two bags of leaves. What do you want from a dog and his helper?!













And then it was nap time for Bear. That was hard work!