Meet Bear

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Meet Bear, through Bear’s eyes;

Hi, I am the inspiration for my Ma’s book(s). I was born on March 23, 2012 and my parents were a Golden Retriever and a Black Labrador Retriever. Now I don’t know which was my mother or which was my father but I’ve been told that I’m a handsome Golden Retriever Mix. At 8 weeks old I was accepted into the home of a loving Ma and Pa.

However, on June 11, 2013 I came to be with my current Ma and Pa. I remember this date distinctly because it was indeed a very strange day for me. I was one and a half years old and my previous “parents” were acting very strange; sad and quiet. I remember them packing up my dog food and telling me we were going for a ride.

So off we went on our ride, but I felt as though something was amiss. We ended up in the parking lot of what humans call a shopping mall and just sat there for a few minutes. Then my Pa and I got out of the car and he started walking me around the lot. But it was a slow walk, no enthusiasm at all!  Suddenly, another car drives up to our car and stops. Well, of course I have to hurry up and get over there to see what’s up.

Who’s That!

A man and a woman got out of that car and started talking to, um, I’m not sure what to call her; the daughter of my Pa. I’ll just call her “Sissy”. So they started talking to Sissy. I heard them saying things like “Oh, he’s so handsome.”  “We’ll take good care of him.”  “We have a huge backyard and a pool for him to play in.” Sissy responded with a simple, “Yes, he loves the water.”  The next thing I know Sissy is hugging me and crying and I’m getting called into the other car, with my DOG FOOD! What the heck!

Well, these people take off and I’m sitting very still in the back seat, not knowing what to think. It seems like I was in that car for a very long time trying to think of what I had done to deserve this. Then suddenly, low and behold, we pull up to this house and I see a great big yard, nearly as big as a park, and a built in swimming pool! Wow, I thought, “Have I died and gone to doggie heaven?”

The first day in my new yard.

The first day in my new yard.

Life is Good

No, I didn’t. Here is what happened. My last Ma had gotten sick and my last Pa felt he just couldn’t give me the attention I needed anymore. Sissy didn’t live with them and had two of  her own dogs to care for. They all agreed that as much as they loved me I should be given to someone who would love me and care for me and give me the attention I deserved. So Sissy placed an ad on the computer and that is how my new Ma and Pa found me. I sure did love my last Ma and Pa but it’s nice to know that I wasn’t a bad dog, and I sure am grateful that they chose my current Ma and Pa to give me to.

My Looks and Stature

As I said I am a Golden Retriever and Black Lab Mix. I really think I have the best of both breeds. I stand at 30″ tall and weigh 68 pounds. I have long and lean legs and a beautiful black coat with auburn tints on the ends. My hair is long like a Golden’s, but not quite as long and not nearly as thick. Although both breeds are notorious for shedding, I for some reason, hardly shed at all.

My Personality

My demeanor is very laid back but I love to play fetch, tug, and swim. I’ll play 23 hours a day if you’ll play with me. I was pretty easy to train, because after all, both of my true parents are very intelligent breeds. I am very eager to please, hate to be scolded or even given the “evil eye.” I’m so sensitive that sometimes I think I’m in trouble even when I’m not! When I think I’m in trouble I put my head down, look up and tuck my tail between my legs. Then Ma or Pa will rub my head and ask “What’s the matter with you?” Then I’m fine and I know that all is well.

Angelo and Bear

I love Angelo!

Kids are cool. I can tolerate even the little ones. But please don’t leave a child unattended with the likes of me. (Any dog, that is.) Sometimes tugging the ear or tail just one more time could set us off. Just because we’re dogs doesn’t mean we should have to tolerate pain. For the most part though, I am very protective of kids, especially in the pool. When I hear them yelling and laughing I think they they are in trouble. So I run around the edge of the pool trying to drag them out when they get close to the edge. The human adults keep telling me everything is okay, but you know, my breeds are great rescue dogs so I guess I am playing the part. Needless to say, Ma sometimes locks me out of the pool area until I realize that everyone is just having fun. I’m always on guard though. I’m pretty sure I’ll know trouble when I see it. (I was trying to save the Olympic swimmers too, when Ma was watching them on TV.)

No kids so just chillin'.

No kids so just chillin’.


I must confess, I do have one issue. I love to chase anything with wheels. Bicycles, dirt bikes and Mopeds, oh my! Bicycles, dirt bikes and Mopeds, oh my! I am done with tractors though as Ma broke me of that. Boy, I used to love barking and snapping at the neighbor’s tractor while running along the fence. Ma started making me go in the house when I did this so now I just run to the fence. Ma yells “Bear!” and I leave it at that. But put me in a car and have a motorcycle drive by, well, that still gets my dander up! I’m getting better about not chasing wheels, but gosh, it’s just so much fun!

See Ya!

So that’s enough about me for now. As I said, I am the inspiration for Ma’s books. I hope you read them and love them! I do!  If you have questions or comments about her books or dogs, please leave them for her. She’ll be sure to get back with you . After all, I think she’s a pretty smart cookie. Cookie! Did someone say cookie? See ya later! Gotta go find that cookie!

Until next time,

Bear, the dog